Tranzact, Inc. was founded on the principle of finding the most cost effective methods of supplying materials so that our customers can be as competitive as possible in difficult markets. Through comprehensive knowledge of our customer's requirements and capabilities and an in-depth understanding of metallurgical practices we have been able to provide innovative new products that are now utilized extensively in the specialty steel industry.

Taking care of your customer is perhaps the most obvious business principle for any company, but at Tranzact, Inc. we are equally concerned with taking care of our suppliers. We have developed long-standing relationships with manufacturers who rely upon us to convert their manufacturing scrap or end-of-life component parts into useful revenue with fair consideration of global metal markets. Other suppliers have grown to rely on us for new feedstock metal in exchange for their scrap material.

We achieve high material quality standards through the maintenance of our own processing and storage facility. We also retain our skilled and experienced staff by rewarding success and promoting an interest in safety, responsibility and a long-term perspective towards supplier and customer materials.